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Models in Masks

Couture Mask Collection

This collection debuted on September 16th at the Charlotte Seen Models in Mask Event at Chima Restaurant.   I was very influenced by modern times and the need to be a part of society and be safe but also look elegant. A must-have for any fashion season, but especially that formal event that you don't want to miss because of the COVID.

Gone in the Wind

Fashion Inspired from the Movie

One of my most memorable collections.  The Gone in the Wind Collection debuted in New York Fashion Week.  This collections represent my rendition of this timeless movies into elegant gowns of today.  This collection can be great for any costume needs or for any actors that need to represent that era.  Please contact me for rentals.

Out of Africa

Fashion Inspired from the Movie

The unique colors of the 1984 movie "Out of Africa" inspired this collection.  This collection debuted in the fall in Charlotte Fashion Week.  I wanted to make garments that were trendy, but used the similar fabrics and prints, so the collections includes lots of linens, beiges and animal prints.  These pieces are carefully crafted with high quality materials and boasts a timeless style.

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